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Interior Photography - Photographer hiring Guide for Interior / Real Estate Site

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Why & when hire a photographer for shoot interior site and what points keep in mind to get best professional pictures of your site.

You are an Interior Designer, Real Estate Agent, Architect, Builder / owner, buyer, seller or any stake holder interested in to get shooting of your Interior site and want some good pictures of same but you have no idea that what kind of good pictures you need and what to keep in mind for better site photography or videography?

In this short article I would try to give you some advice for better interior site photography.

Good interior site photography means the pictures of site should be stunning and able to show the exact looks, colors, space, design and any other work you want to record in it.

Now the question comes to mind that I can do this all with my good Phone Camera, then why I should hire a Photographer to do this?

Answer is simply Yes! You can or should do this yourself if it works for you. Nothing is wrong in it.

But when we talk about the next level work, upper level of quality, difference within professional output and time you can consider hiring Professional Photographer for your interior site shooting.

Professional Interior Photography is lot more than just clicking the pictures of interior, it is about accurate exposure, beautiful composition and clear focus of the property.

Professional Photographer shoot site with all these important aspects in mind and provide you the pictures with much more details, with accurate colors and perspectives. It takes good technical skills, gears, experience, good post production skills, hard work and time to produce best pictures and these pictures stand out the property to make it noticeable.

You also can keep this important thing in mind that good and clear professional pictures play a vital role in image making of Designer / Agent / Architect / Builder, they would be considered as a brand, and it separates & stand out the property and the brand from the crowd. It helps selling property faster with a brand impression. It helps buyer to understand the property easily, give details about property and help making decision faster.

So, when you understand the importance of professional pictures and hire a good Photographer, you should do following things to make sure a better and smooth shooting operation:

1. Site must be clean thoroughly: Many people would say it would adjust in editing so no need to worry, but I would say every bad thing covers in editing on a quality compromise, budget and time at some point. Photographer shoot site on good depth of field to achieve even tiny details and any dirt or dust / eye sore will notice in pictures. The things should mean for today must not postpone for tomorrow. You should get site thoroughly clean before the shooting.

2. Maintain symmetry: If you want blinds open intentionally, keep them all open on equal height, if you want to close them intentionally, close them on equal bottom line. If you don’t do this, Photographer may shoot once blind open and one with closed and it will increase shooting time. So, you should be clear about it and instruct Photographer in brief note prior to shooting.

3. Align the Furniture: To achieve best looking detailed pictures, it is must to align the furniture in advance. A chair should be exact in front of opposite chair, slightly out of center chair would create distraction. Thus, get entire furniture align before the shoot begins.

4. Keep people Out of the Site: We have to achieve the best pictures of our beautiful Interior / Exterior site, we do not need people here, so make sure all the people of housekeeping, maintenance, technicians etc. should not be on floor till the shoot completes and in case it is not possible to full extent, at least instruct them to obey Photographer’s direction, Photographer then shoot with care and ask them to go away from a particular angle or space for few moments, come back and resume their work again. Instruct them not to leave any object like ladder, dustbin, paint bucket etc. on floor during photography session, if any, remove it.

5. All lighting fixtures and screens: Make sure during the photo session, all the lighting and screens in premises should remain on, so that a perfect view could create and achieve good pictures with glimpse of all the work done in site.

These are some basic points to consider here for a better photo session of interior site, scope to add some more points always exist and everything depend site to site situation.

Feel free to contact me for any Photography / Videography suggestions, queries or help, I would love to help you.

Javed Hussain is a Delhi based well known quality experienced Interior / Real estate Photographer since 2008.

Phone: +91-9899256085



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